The Works of Adam Moorad

Adam's writing has recently appeared or is forthcoming in 3 A.M., elimae, Evergreen Review, Mad Hatters Review, Pindeldyboz, Underground Voices, Word Riot, among many other places.  His debut novella, Oikos, will be published by nonpress in 2010. He lives in Brooklyn and works in publishing. Visit him here:

All Poems © Adam Moorad


in mornings we swim like there’s a flood

we are button-down oxford shirts
unbuttoned with the sleeves rolled-up
steeped inside a sea of denim 

we still feel cold
when we close the windows of our seabeds
and roll our cuffs down around our wrists
and can’t help but think
the whole soaked world
still feels dehydrated

Duncan Wood

you said this needle in my forehead
was supposed to be the hypodermic cure for stress

i want you to know how impractical it makes me feel
like I have been folded in the way
christmas cards are slipped into envelops
and sent to estranged family members
seeking religious asylum
in some other magical wasteland