The Works of A.D. Winans 

A. D. Winans is a native San Francisco poet and writer. His work has been published world-wide and translated into 8 languages. In 2006 he was awarded a PEN Josephine Miles award for literary excellence. Cross-Cultural Communications will soon publish his book, Love Minus- Zero.

All Poems © A.D. Winans

How I Want to Be Remembered 

Play me some Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash
Toast me with some sour mash
Have six young girls do a dance
One hooker in leather vest and pants
Carry my ashes to the top of Mount TAM
with a lone Monk trailing behind.

Strawberries and champagne served
at sunset
No open bar
But free to all
Irish whiskey tequila vodka and champagne
served by a French lass
with a saucy ass

Set up speakers
on each side of the hill
Play some poetry  of Kaufman and Micheline
Blast some Dylan to the birds flying overhead
Stir the juices in the living dead

Put a shot glass in the box carrying
my ashes
A pen and a sheet of blank paper

No flowers no tears
Just that lone monk doing
a Buddhist chant
Let the sunset be my headstone
My poems my marker

Poem for my First Love


Seven months into
my 77th birthday
I slip back in time
I'm driving highway 1 where
California's fertile hills wink at me

giant trees and seashore merge as one
cloud banks ride the horizon like
Crazy Horse rode the plains
in search of the last buffalo


tasty mango's and watermelon wine
sweet as cotton candy stuck
to the roots of my tongue

fed my youth nourished my spirit
the poem the language in my soul

your body indented against mine
hot as an iron pressed to a garment
youthful hunger that knew no bounds
feasted  like a condemned man
devouring his last meal
the way Eskimos swallowed
the tears of the dying
to keep the one gone with them



approaching 70

feeling like a Samurai

with a dull-bladed sword

singing into the teeth of night

somewhere beyond the horizon

sailors buried at sea

rise in ghostly procession

skeletons sharing their secrets

with withered old men lined-up

like bowling pins

measuring them limb to limb

like a tailor sizing you up

for a perfect fit