The Works of Bailey Workman

Bailey Workman has been published in Digital Papercut, Hypertrophic Literary, and Torrid Literature Journal, among others. She is currently seeking a Mass Communications Degree from UNC Asheville.

All Poems © Bailey Workman

Hazy Moons



i forget how to sleep.

my spinal cord snaps

against my skin,

muscles hardening

to trap the hot blood


my head squirms

on an empty pillow,

while my feet pace

the duvet,

searching for the right angle,

but coming up

with straw-stuffed nightmares.




the witch hunt came

through a town offering

mild penance.

the glower of long-dead saints

reverberated in every home,

putting out daughters

whose bloodstreams drowned out

the codified books,

while sons played in the grass,

games of cat-and-mouse

running through manicured lawns,

the branded girls watching wistfully

from the shadows.