The Works of Briana Wunderli

Briana Wunderli is a recreational writer; about to finish high school, she intends on persuing art through architecture and design. For Briana writing is another medium of art that she uses to create something unique and beautiful.

All Poems ¬© Briana Wunderli


Do you notice how the darkness and dankness heighten
when the fog settles on your life.
You must look at the haze, becasue it is difficult to see past.
You know, by the clock, that the noon sun should be shining,
but everything is hidden; secrets are thickened.
Walking down the streets of your own little labryrinth,
your fabricated city, created by memories.
The fog weighs on you and all that is left to do is wait.
You're stuck in slow motion; living heavily,
and the release comes with heat or light,
warmth and hope.