The Works of Chuck Augello 

Chuck Augello’s work has appeared in Rattle, Main Channel Voices, Word Riot, Pindeldyboz, and other journals.

All Poems © Chuck Augello

In the Museum

This promising work of art called you-and-me

hangs in limbo between us

as we craft our dissertations

on what these images really mean.

Is the burgundy border

the spark of future passions

or a frantic warning to stop at the intersection

before we crash head-on?

And that small figure in the foreground

with the sad eyes and lazy smile,

I think it’s you,

but you think it’s me,

and neither of us can explain

the symbolism of the black umbrella

eclipsing the full moon.

Of all the styles,

why do we find ourselves

in a confusing, angst-ridden Dali

instead of the soft pastels of Monet

we so clearly deserve?

But with your canvas

torn at the center, covered with scars,

and my palette of barnacle wounds,

could we ever have painted anything different?


I want to take this orphan artwork

and hang it on the wall,

Until we both agree it’s a masterpiece.



I carried her breath in my pocket

kept a photo of her shadow and showed it to friends

found her profile in the outline of a storm cloud

wrote her name in Chinese letters on the back of my hand

sewed into a quilt her old grocery lists

built a nest from her little red party dress

fell asleep, a skeleton dreaming of skin.