The Works of Craig Shay 

Most recently, Craig Shay has poems published or forthcoming in Skidrow Penthouse, The American Dissident, The Bitter Oleander, Counterexample Poetics, The Sound of Poetry Review, Clockwise Cat, The Bicycle Review and Underground Voices. 

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All Poems ¬© Craig Shay

Night Baseball

Neighborhood kids disappear
in the darkness of the outfield.
Swinging at shadows in the abandoned lot,
running around an invisible diamond.
Running with their heads down,
gaining speed, through the darkness,
breaking away into an April moonlight.
They dodge in from the shadows as wounded men.
Men running home through silent streets
lit by yellow lampposts. Men with the faces
of children, looking confused, and adrift.
Men in suits and ties and business shoes,
scurrying because wolves are at their heels.
Blindly they sprint, through mazes
of streets and towns, which are changing
before their eyes. They escape with glorious speed.
So focused, they cannot hear the warnings
or the shouts, to stop, or to open their eyes.