The Works of Danielle White

Danielle White began her creative writing career at age 7, with a flash nonfiction piece titled "A Very Busy Day." Born and raised in Massachusetts, she currently resides in Austin, Texas, where she works as a proofreader for an alternative news weekly. Danielle also serves as the poetry editor of Black Heart Magazine.

All Poems © Danielle White

You Should Be So Lucky


I saw it happening before it did

The future, a pair of tan legs in the sand,

The stretched skin of the damned,

A car barreling at me

On my lonely-hearted street


I’ve perfected the Lovers’ Doom

Your Americana outline

Flooded in

The whiskey tinge of sepia


I want to be there the day they knock

The old house down

I wish they’d burn it


Embers to ashes

The confetti of the dead

I want to bathe in it

Smudge it into my skin

I want to grind your bones to dust

And snort the powder


I’d take to the streets

An untamed witch


I dress up in this rage, when I cannot find you

Afflicted by a type of consumption –

I call it love


Running through the midnight

Life pushing at the walls of my body

Yearning for a delicate desert

A woman’s kiss

More violent than my man’s


Ritualize me

Wrap my corpse in rabbit fur


Bury the dead in beeswax

Bury the dead in drag