The Works of Dave Malone

Dave Malone is the author of several books of poetry and a new ebook series, Seasons in Love (Trask Road Press), available at Smashwords and Kindle. His poems have appeared in decomP, Elder Mountain: A Journal of Ozark Studies, Mid Rivers Review, San Pedro River Review, Spindrift, and Word Riot. His interests include Ozark culture and crime fiction, and he can be found online at

All Poems © Dave Malone

They Learned the Hard Way

Scientists flooded our home.
They displayed diagrams
of sexy lines and arcs.
The cognoscenti came.
They lipped poems
with circular rhythms.
Everyone was bent
on destroying you.
The media claimed
on our parts.
CNN misused polysyllables.
But when evening turned
crimson and shadow,
slicing forms of line
like praying Muslims
beheaded many
a media mogul.
From the front porch
your body defied
gravity, nomenclature
as tits to hips
silencing the world.

after Mark Rothko’s No. 15

Before you dive into the painting,
all gleams white. We know it, too, in
antiseptic museums with guards
as crisp as Gestapo. You beat us to the canvas
like fists in egg whites where you broke birches
into bullets while we start on the edges,
bashful swimmers about to be dunked.