The Works of Doug Holder

Doug Holder is the founder of the Ibbetson Street Press. His poetry and prose has appeared in Rattle, PRESA, Cause and Affect, Nibble, Brevities, the Midwest Poetry Review and others. He is the author of the poetry collection The Man in the Booth in the Midtown Tunnel ( Cervena Barva Press). He has worked as a counselor at McLean Hospital in Belmont for 26 years, and ran poetry groups for psych. patients there. His book of poems about his experience at McLean is  Poems of Boston and Just Beyond: From the Back Bay to the Back Ward ( Alpha Beat Press  1998)

All Poems © Doug Holder

The Big Bang

It is not the bang

So much

As the anticipation—

Sensitive hairs

Tensed in each

In each

Of your

Expectant drums-




A wizened


Your clawed

And feral hands.

And it all

Boils down to

A histrionic

Exploding sun

And quite simply

You’re done.

“Touch me, so I remember who I was.”

Touch me

I want to remember

Who I was.

Brush my cheek

I want to feel

The warmth of my blush

Rise like scarlet sun.

Hold my hand

And make me stroll,

Slow my frantic gait.

Brush the remaining

Strands of my hair,

Remind me my love,

Of what was once there.

Spring, This Ain’t A Love Poem

Oh for crying out loud

It is here again.

The tulips sprout

Like maddening clichés…


Blooming idiots!

And the chirp

Of those morning birds,

What are we left with

Their pellets, their


And some chick

In the Square

Say she smells the fragrance

Of love in the air.

A professor

In Harvard Yard

Tells his students

“Hope springs eternal’

Well, pal

I won’t put that

In my journal.

Damn you spring!

You swept away

The cold insular

Comforts of my winter’s day.