The Works of Gary Adams

Gary is a 50 year old self employed landscaper who has been published in Fireweed, Letterbomb, Poetry Motel, Illyas Honey, Curbside Review, Carriage House Review, Full Circle Journal, Into The Teeth Of The Wind, Gin Bender and others.His first book was released in August of 2008.
He dropped out of Columbia University after three years, steeped in the Ginsberg-Kerouac legend, and hit the road for Europe, Jackson Hole, San Francisco, a commune in the Ozarks and now Eugene, where he goes hiking in the woods with his dogs at least once a week year round.

All Flash Fiction ¬© Gary Adams 

More Ant Carnage

I removed wrapping from a cherry flavored cough drop which had been on my desk overnight--my tongue recoiled as it hit something bitter--I spit it out-- it was covered with the remains of ants who had made it under the wrapping and died of sticky sweetness. Are we made human to learn these are our cousins?

     A line moves out to the hummingbird feeder--down the hook, across on the wire--into the small opening--then they drown and became a black crust floating atop red fluid. Each has six legs and its own past and still more are pressing behind--like cars they come. Do they wonder about the ants ahead of them--why they don't return?

Do they see the sun and the stars; feel the rain (drops as big as themselves)?

     The present must be kept partly empty to have room for things like these.