The Works of Henry C. Smith

Henry C. Smith is 27 years old and lives in London with his beautiful wife. He writes when it seems to make sense to do so, doesn't when it doesn't. He's been published here and there, and can be contacted at [email protected]

All Poems © Henry C. Smith

Jade Hills

each flower's scent
sent Li Po
to heaven.

he danced
upon the cusp
of mountains,
dove into
the blue beyond. 

his feet
pressed untouched snow,
his words
settled like
thick round flakes.

jade hills
wrapped him in welcome, 
wanderers embraced
his easy way. 

his heart soared
with wine and angels,
his soul was the music 
in each gibbon's wail.

how many shadows
now dance beneath the moon,
lost in reflections of Li Po?