The Works of Janet Butler

After many years in central Italy, Janet Butler relocated to the Bay Area, California. She teaches TESL in San Francisco, and lives in Victorian Alameda with Fulmi, a beautiful Spaniel she rescued and brought back with her from Italy. Poems have recently appeared in Literary Mary, Plainsongs, Locust, Miller‘s Pond, The 13th Warrior, and Cutthroat, and are forthcoming in Forge, The Driftwood Review, and Ibbetson Street Press.

All Poems © Janet Butler

Eden Fables:  Beginnings

Snake slipped in surreptitious quiet
the tall grasses
pulled by the lure of woman scent
flesh warmed to drowsiness
under a sun fixed in an eternal

She lay in nonchalance and caught a flicker
shadow that seemed light wind
a breath of blue nudging
transparencies of green
in this perennial spring.

She almost sleeps, a sweet fall into
passivity.  He glides the yielding grasses,
he slides, a faint weight on soft flesh
to burrow in secret places
agitating dormant soils
fertile soils
planting the subtle seed
of desire.

Shadowline II

They live among us
Spirit shocked into eternity
befuddled, naked,
lost before that empty something,
obscene shell they once were.
Best buried or flamed to flakes
yes, better dust adrift on winds
brushing green lands blue skies,
dusty film of melancholy,
a gray shudder
on sunlit days.