The Works of Jay Snodgrass

Jay Snodgrass is the author of Monster Zero, poems about Godzilla. He is poet-in-residence at Small Craft Advisory Press a book arts letter press. He teaches Composition at Southwest Georgia Technical College in Thomasville, Georgia. He is also Co-director of Anhinga Press out of Tallahassee, FL where he lives with his wife and daughter. 

All Poems ¬© Jay Snodgrass


a jar at the grocery store marked jelly
another marked fish

take them both to the bread isle
and throw them as high as you can

so they smash together at the vector
of marble rye and discount white bread

run as fast as you can, arms outspread,
and dive chest first into the shards of glass.

Rise up, stinging capsules and tentacles,
there is nothing more deadly in all the sea