The Works of JB Mulligan

JB Mulligan has had poems and stories in dozens of magazines, including recently, Autumn Sky, Chiron Review, Argestes, Blue Fifth Review, 63 Channels, and Aunt Chloe, and two chapbooks: The Stations of the Cross and THIS WAY TO THE EGRESS, and has appeared in the anthology Inside Out: A Gathering of Poets.

All Poems © JB Mulligan

Faith in the Harmony of Chaos

In the garden of joy, to scream
as gnats and hornets sting and surround me.
Is there no respite from Paradise?

“Harder days are coming.”  No shit.
Marching behind the prior harder days,
a life like someone else’s tree,
days gathered, grey and green,
dense, unkempt in the cold breeze.

And then a bird feeds, or a child smiles.
Something happens, brilliant beneath
the distant, disinterested sun.
Something small.  And life is new again.

The topsy-turvy hurly-burly spin,
like a ball thrown into a cave -
each moment is a stillness,
hangs in the air like a kiss
when you first move slowly away -
then BLAM - there’s another damn wall.

And I know it makes sense:
there are slow calm honest words
behind the constant clatter and hammering.