The Works of Keith Moul

Keith Moul has published poems for more than 40 years. His photos have begun to appear widely as well. Blue & Yellow Dog Press published his chapbook, The Grammar of Mind, in 2010; Red Ochre Press released Beautiful Agitation in May 2012; it was a winner in its 2011 chapbook contest. Also in 2010 a companion poem to one of his photos was a Pushcart nominee.

All Poems ¬© Keith Moul

A Modicum of Oxygen


As so many before me, I looked

closely at big-leafed maple veins.

Some fall early, even without

the strong winds of October, as those

with ordinary skills of observation

know.  But I know something of flow,

in the veins, trapped by membranes,

circulating through sunlight, a riot

of expectancy, a modicum of oxygen,

an excess of carbon dioxide.


I have achieved what those

of scientific mind might call

the theoretical; a deduction

based on private, postulated

epiphany; derived from the physical,

but to my detractors, metaphysical.


I know also the risk of physical existence:

that breathing in is necessary to every life,

yet depending on who is ascendant in politics,

breathing out may be calculated as a crime.


Children at the Dreamscape

(Coming to Christ)


What had the children heard?

Some heard snorting, maybe beasts,

maybe men, even crying as though cut

by sharp knives, but with many echoes.


What had the children seen?

Some recalled shattered images:

white lights; birds and angels shivering;

stubborn, frightful beasts with horns.


Children would not describe the smells.

No one could know for certain

as the telling of events differed,

as children feared even kindly listeners.


On feast days; lonely before icons;

while fighting with crude siblings;

hiding behind bushes from mean neighbors;

children quit their need for senses.


Often their parents reward them with halos.