The Works of Lisa Wiley

Lisa Wiley is an English professor at Erie Community College in Buffalo, NY. Her poetry is published or forthcoming in Earth's Daughters, Beyond Bones, Word Worth, Teaching English in the Two-Year College,The Buffalo News and Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine

All Poems © Lisa Wiley

Back Porch, The Summer I Turn Thirty Nine

When the leaves turn inside out, does it mean it’s going to rain? 
                                                              -A Friend

A lost firefly circles the yard,
lone remnant of country club fireworks
or an orphan from his flock?

Waiting until tonight to appear,
he urges us to wear more red,
get those carefully wild tattoos, 

paint the sky, climb the Eiffel Tower,
visit Hemingway’s haunts or
add another to our fold.

He must have been a harbinger
of something, as you cradled me
in your lap. The wine glass half full.