The Works of Lori A. May 

Lori A. May is a poet, novelist, and freelance writer whose work has appeared in publications such as The Writer, Tipton Poetry Journal, and anthologies such as Van Gogh's Ear. She is the author of stains: early poems and two novels, Moving Target and The Profiler. May is also Managing Editor at Marick Press and Founding Editor of The Ambassador Poetry Project. For more information, visit

All Poems ¬© Lori A. May

Clarence Street

Steam sighs from beneath the streets
Releasing its presence
Stumbling passers-by with confusion.

Even its breath has a home in this town
Dwelling defiantly below us
Hushing sirens in a misty swish.

It calls out for attention
Wanting to embrace visitors
And wrap winds around the willing.

Its underground world
Cannot contain its carefree cushion
Creeping up through concrete lungs.

It wants to be known
Appreciated for its participation in strolls.

Competes against rains
Discarded belongings
Trapped within its own cage.

Squeezing past barriers
In attempt to ghost this street
Sighs cry out in early morning dreams.

Passive aggressive
Urgent and defeated
Mists rise and fall back to crawl home.