The Works of Lynn O'Donnell

Lynn O'Donnell lives and writes in Sussex County, Delaware.

All Poems © Lynn O'Donnell

Stormy Brittany

Il y aura de la mer cette nuit,
the islander says.
Sharon holds the phrase
in two hands, then gives it to me
like a ball of hollow light green glass.
We are better than blood.
Charmed by the same
turn of phrase, we are bound
by childhood and motherhood,
and an ancient biology of the heart.
Il y aura de la mer cette nuit, I say
she says he says,
there is a lot of ocean tonight.

Upon Learning There Is Water On The Moon

Thank God for science,
the perfect math of genes
mixing, blood cells coursing
through arteries, watery organs, even bone.
Sex should be careful.
Evolution sings to the astronomer,
and he chants:
The earth turns on a dime, lover,
the stars burn, every word is fancy and
leaps from the tongue because
humans are intended to speak poetry.
The earth turns and the stars burn, shorelines
move, sleep is a kindness from the heavens.
The earth and the stars are yours and
prayer a sweet commodity.
The impossibilities are endless.