The Works of Maizy Broderick Scarpa

Maizy also known by her full name MaeEllen Broderick Scarpa, is a human who tells stories. Sometimes she does this with her voice, sometimes with her body, sometimes with words, and occasionally all three.
An NYU/Tisch graduate with degrees in drama and creative writing, Maizy trained at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting, and the Experimental Theatre Wing. She has studied political satire and sketch comedy with Elizabeth Swados, viewpoints with Mary Overlie, and fiction with New York Times bestselling author Darin Strauss. She's performed at La Mama E.T.C., Berkshire Theater Festival, Barrington Stage Company, Shakespeare&Company, Hubbard Hall and on the High Line Park in New York City. Her play Strange New Planet; a live book-on-tape  was produced by NYU/Tisch's Experimental Theatre Wing in 2013, under her direction. 

All Poems ¬© Maizy Broderick Scarpa 


Crickets disagree, but
the ants think it's good
I made my bed neatly and kept
you out of it

and how we used the time we lost
to harvest wheat and weed
the walnut trees.

Micro Poems (or The Good Bits of Failed Poems)

Like warm soup
Sunlight cradles my belly.

Nothing, I think
Is more sensual.


My world is a sponge today
moist and heavy

And the air holds hints
that maybe
the Earth is still alive.

I will not stop for soup or soap but I
will stop for you.

Where are my socks?

Have you hidden them in hopes my bare feet
would bring the spring to us?

Sing earthy tunes and let
the willow of your words fill me
Like a balloon
    til my toes barely trail along the pavement

Song For Your Journey's End

Unburden your shoes on me, Man of the World
    and I will cradle them in soft doll hands
    polish their scuffed soles

For all eternity I wait in shallow pools
    light reflected on the ripples
    water through my toes.

Do not be frightened of this;
    I will not sink my teeth into some virgin flesh
    I ask only to touch what has been touched   
    by desert wind
    and dribbled from the stars.