The Works of Mediha Saliba 

Mediha F. Saliba was an Associate Editor of the Santa Barbara Review, a literary/art journal from 1994-1998. In 1997 she published her first book, Shadows of the Puppet, and in 2000 a novella, Stone Secrets, a Journey with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Her first book of poems, Holding Up the Moon, she self-published in 2008.  Her poems have appeared in Sage Trail, Rattlesnake Review, Main Channel Voices, Auroreanand has recently won an award at Cyclamen and Swords, a poetry journal out of Israel. She now lives in Northern California with her husband, preferring the simple life of a small community, and enjoying the company of grandchildren.

All Poems © Mediha Saliba


The tide is in at Humboldt Bay
and western sandpipers gather
on rocky outcroppings. Hundreds,
maybe thousands chatter
a wild spring song.

Then, as if startled, or summoned
by an invisible master, sandpipers take flight,
maneuvering in slowly widening then thinning design.
They dip, lift, flow and flutter,
while you hold your breath, and are
hypnotized by shimmers of white,
bursts of brown, and the sensation
of speed in one, and slow-gracefulness in the all.
Not even poetry is adequate for such a display,
such an unfathomable feeling of awe,
such a gift to take home and savor,
knowing that for one moment

you experienced grace.

Science And Spirituality


Science, not unlike spirituality,

has a transcendent world beyond dimensions

presently seen and understood,

how else to explain particles separated by

billions of light years acting like mirror twins,

or light that behaves as both particles and waves,

and black holes that transfer matter beyond

the grip of gravity and time —a multidimensional

universe, springing from

“somewhere” . . .


And we, as beings of this universe

are also multidimensional. Our bodies

obey the same rhythms,

flash with the same

electromagnetic activity,

and bubble with the same

subatomic energy that

keeps the universe

in flux. We are mystical Beings,


and capable of 

so       much              more