The Works of Michael Grover

Michael D. Grover is a Florida born poet. As a drifter he has lived all over the country. Michael's poetry has been published all over the literary underground. Michael is now living in Toledo, Ohio from there he hosts the website, co-edits CP Journal, and co-hosts a reading at The Collingwood Arts Center in Toledo. Michael is the president of The Beards performing group. His newest chapbook is . . .And Death Is All Around Us.

All Poems © Michael Grover

From Toledo To Cleveland

Traveling through heartland,
Golden cornfields
City to city.
Asphalt arteries,
Middle of somewhere.

It's not nowhere.
It's home to someone.
It takes all kinds
To build a nation
A few bad men
To tear it down.

Hawk sitting
On fencepost
Keeping watch over
Golden fields behind it.

Silos and farmhouses,
Fields full of barns.
It all passes by
In a blur.
As we rush through it,
Like there's nothing there.

He Went Walking Into The Brutal Cold Wind

It's only autumn,
But you can feel the change.
Gray sky all day,
Temperature dropping,
Cold wind blowing.
Soon winter will be upon us.
Winter enters brutally.

In front of the store
I saw a battered man,
Zipping up his jacket.
Over his shoulder a garbage bag
That held his whole life.
He went walking
Into the brutal cold wind.

Sittin' In The Parking Lot

Sittin' in the parking lot
Of the local porn theater,
Waiting for a friend to
Come out with his check.

She pulls up next to me
In a brand new SUV.
The alarm goes off.
She fumbles around to stop it.

"I hate this car!"
She says as she gets out
In a voice that's just a little too husky.
Short black leather skirt,
Black fishnet stockings,
High heeled boots,
And a button down shirt
To show cleavage.
She walks toward the theater
To start her day.
A Mexican man standing in the parking lot
Flags her down before she gets there.