The Works of Naomi Ruth Lowinsky

Naomi Ruth Lowinsky’s poems have been widely published, most recently in The Lindenwood ReviewSanskrit, Spillway, Barely South and New Millennium Writings.
Lowinsky’s fourth poetry collection is The Faust Woman Poems. Her memoir, The Sister from Below: When the Muse Gets Her Way tells stories about her pushy muse.
Lowinsky is a Jungian analyst in private practice in Berkeley, CA and the poetry and fiction editor of Psychological Perspectives, which is published by the Los Angeles Jung Institute.

All Poems © Naomi Ruth Lowinsky

Some Questions for the Dream Maker


Why     in the dream drama    
do you cast me in such
a nasty role?     Force me to force
a daughter of Atatürk    out
of her family mansion in Istanbul?     She


with the free-flowing hair    Me    

turned collaborator     with my old foe     the patriarch

who would claim     in my name     her Ottoman inheritance         

Istanbul?     I’ve never even been to Istanbul

And the young woman     I’m on her side     Or


Is there an Istanbul within me?     A city of long ago

glory     An old lady city    

whose empires have crumbled    

whose melancholy clings to aging dwellings

Is there a dark-eyed young woman within me

pushed out of privilege     lost to her stars
gazing at the Bosporus through what used to be
her window    Where can she go?   There’s turmoil
in the streets     There’s war next door    A tyrant who murders
his own people    Refugees flood the borders

This is an old story     I think of my own
dark-eyed mother     cast out of childhood    
sent wandering from world to world    
with false papers     Who invaded her    
many storied home    before it was bombed?

Our lady of Istanbul charms me     Offers me wine

from her father’s cellar     Shows me her grandmother’s library

books I know well     on the unearthed goddess     “Your goddess,” she says,

“is my goddess”     It is dusk     We sit among sepia photographs    

She wants us to live here together     inherit each other’s ghosts

Doesn’t she know what they do to collaborators?


Dream maker     if this is high drama 

meant to reveal what I can’t comprehend


Couldn’t you turn up the lights?