The Works of Nina Bennett

Nina Bennett is the author of Forgotten Tears A Grandmother’s Journey Through Grief. In 2006 she was selected to participate in a writer’s retreat with the poet laureate of Delaware, sponsored by the Delaware Division of the Arts. Nina’s poetry and essays have been published in Main Street Journal, The Smoking Poet, Oranges & Sardines, Philadelphia Stories, Pirene’s Fountain, The Broadkill Review, Slow Trains Literary Journal, the anthology Mourning Sickness, Grief Digest, and Living Well Journal. Nina is a contributing author to the Open to Hope Foundation

All Poems © Nina Bennett 

Frozen in Time

Ice lodges in the crook

of the Japanese maple. The way

the branch curves around the frozen,

glistening triangle reminds me

of watching my youngest son

gaze down at his newborn daughter

snugged tight in his arm, her head nestled

securely in the bend of his elbow. The tree bows

in the wind the way my son’s neck tilted

downward so he could meet his child’s

eyes, their noses nearly touching like

the twigs rubbing together above where

the ice has formed. Captured in a protected

notch, the ice will soon melt and escape

to the ground, much like my granddaughter,

who will wriggle free from the protection

of her father’s embrace.

Global Warming

The temperature remained so high

through January it even fooled spring.

Crocus and daffodil bloomed

in withered brown lawns.

The following week

the East Coast was incapacitated

by a massive winter storm, but

the purple crocuses refused

to back down, begged for attention

even when encased in ice. The garden

column in the local paper warned

not to expect them to bloom again, yet

four weeks later there they were, unable

to resist the chance to be seen,

much like me. No matter how many

times our plans are thwarted I come back,

patiently perch in the same spot,

wait for the seasons to right themselves.