The Works of Patrick Sugrue 

Patrick Sugrue is a creative writing major at Loyola University of New Orleans.  He has been published in the literary journal A Capella Zoo and Revisions, the student run literary journal at Loyola.  He hopes to one day write screenplays or novels.

All Poems © Patrick Sugrue


But, I mean, I am enchanted by you
And in no full way am I planning on
Having any dreams tonight.

I know mathematically speaking I'll live
Until 2064. Long
Enough to see the civil rights movement begin.

World war two will be over, Korea too (just wait for ho chi

minh, kids)

I'll tell my children to doubt me;
Calling a woman a flower is to
Say she isn't yours, and never was.  

That's true. 

I'll tell them to watch how I acted before they were born,
And to tell their mother too, that 

All I did  

Was make faces at the moon
And note
How different people have pronounced my name.