The Works of Phil Lane

Phil Lane's poems have appeared in various small magazines and journals. He teaches English for a private tutoring company, and spends his time reading, writing, and hiking with his dog throughout his home state of New Jersey.

All Poems © Phil Lane


Autumn-tinged wind blows


in mid-summer,

     suspended between

old and young,

manicured landscape

           stretches out

green as youth,

uneven sky

     numbers the years,

caught in the midst

of this unending decade,

interchangeable seasons


the immutable self,

rain and sun encounter,

try to determine

which remains to keep

and for how much longer—

Storm fear

Before the snow, the fear

of being homebound

with only my thoughts,

my brain overfilled with time

like too much fodder in the shock.

After the snow, the fear

is realized, the mind stutters,

eyes scour the same walls

for a change in landscape

when out of the tundra

comes the sound of nothing,

the distant buzz

behind the bunker of winter,

the pang of pins dropping

like long thoughts falling

into snowy stillness—