The Works of Sara Simont

Sara is a retired school teacher living in the Connecticut countryside where she enjoys gardening. Her poems and short fiction have been published in Nostalgia Magazine, The Berkshire Review, The Women's Times, Anthology of New England Writers and others.

All Poems © Sara Simont


The rambling rose covers rocks

       in a profusion of pink,

              I think of Pamela,

pale thin Pamela

        in Wellies and oilskin hat

              digging it out of her garden.

Maidenhair ferns crowd

       front steps, bringing back

              bosomy Beatrice

in red plaid shorts

       planting ferns to soften

              the rough stone surface.

Chrysanthemums burst out

       in their golden glory and

              I see my friend Myrtle again,

bunned hair, ankle length skirt,

       slender gloved fingers

              tucking mums into my soil.

Pamela's been gone twenty years or more,

       Beatrice eighteen, Myrtle ten,

              remembrances live on.

Here, let me give you some daffodils,

       wild white trillium

              or heavenly blue forget-me-nots.