The Works of Sarah Rehfeldt

Sarah Rehfeldt is a recent Pushcart nominee and author of Somewhere South of Pegasus, a collection of image poems. She has poetry published and/or forthcoming in Border Crossing, Presence Journal and Appalachia Magazine. Sarah lives with her family in western Washington where she is also an artist and photographer. Her book can be purchased from her photography web pages at:

All Poems © Sarah Rehfeldt


(View the accompanying image "Moonlight" Here)


She says her name is Sky.

She says,

on cold, sharp-shivered branches,

you can hear her call

coming up from the woods at night.

The wind takes its sound and shapes it

over the mountain,

protecting it.

Night is whole, she says,


with the direction of the fog.

(There is a need to wander.)

For things done, for things left undone,

she says,

her version of it, prayerful,

wades through branches –

the swift, the shaded of it

the way very deep black is always taking,

choosing something of the mountain

to cling to,

to fall on fiercely

as water,

as force.