The Works of Sheila Nickerson

Sheila Nickerson, Bellingham, Washington, is a former Poet Laureate of Alaska. Her most recent poetry title is Along the Alaska Highway (Sheltering Pines Press, 2009). 

All Poems © Sheila Nickerson

A Poem for Hard Times

Take this poem for hard times.
Let it perch like a parrot on your shoulder
or curl like a hedgehog in your pocket.
It will cost you nothing
but turn worries to bread.
As you proceed, stories
will join you, invite you home,
feed and clothe you, then
pass you on to others.
This underground railroad
will get you across the border
to possibility: the safest place.

Driving the Smith Road East, in April, toward the Cascade Range

This line of cherry trees in bloom,
throwing up pink skirts
as if the mountains might come
down to join their dance. 

Winter on the Banks of the Delaware and Hudson Canal

Here on the edge of the old canal,
fire engines drank all night
from the broken pools. Still,
the Mossy Brook farm house burned
and the old man died, the one who
walked his beagle out each night
along the road, even when
their path was cut away by ice.