The Works of Suzannah Dalzell 

Suzannah Dalzell lives near Seattle, WA on Whidbey Island where she divides her time more or less equally between writing, restoring watersheds and volunteering in the raptor barn at the Woodland Park Zoo. Most recently her work has been published in Cascade: The Journal of the Washington Poets Association, Main Channel Voices and The Raven Chronicles.

All Poems © Suzannah Dalzell


The red alder seeded herself

in a pot on the deck. Muscled

out snapdragons, creeping jenny.

I trooped out to the mushy spot

just off the old logging road,

a bowl of over-grazed wetland.

Cleared away thistle, vetch,

thick woody blackberry canes,

clumps of reed canary grass.

Turned soft black soil, busted

up the pot shaped root-ball,

planted the alder in the earth.

One person and a volunteer alder

cannot recreate the rainforest.

Sea levels will rise, floods

will come, but the alder, tough

resilient trash-tree, will give

this land a fighting chance.