The Works of T.A. Stanley

T. A. Stanley currently lives in Brooklyn where she is attending NYU as a graduate student with a focus on Gender Politics. She is currently working on a series of short fiction pieces that address the thin lines drawn between love and obsession and the violences attended to these emotions. She uses magical and fantastic elements to illuminate the ways in which the lived experience of "womanhood" has made her feel through embodiments of these emotions in surreal acts and transformations. Her work has appeared in Belleville Park Pages and Crack the Spine Literary Magazine.

All Flash Fiction ¬© T.A. Stanley

A Short Walk


            I see a girl on the street and I am wondering if she is the kind of girl who likes to have a good time. I am told frequency that American girls are usually wanting a good time. I am recently moved to the United States and I am lonely. So I step up to her and introduce myself as O. She is not responding with her name, so I am continuing to talk of what I like to do and what is my plans being for The Big Apple. I give her a wink as I am knowing that phrase and think she may be impressed with my good English.

           I am not being sure, but I am thinking that the girl (who still is not introducing herself) has sped up her steps. I am a bit angry because like I told her I am only looking for a girl to have a good time with. I put my arm around her. Maybe she will feel at ease by this motion. Maybe she will slow down. She is not liking it, I guess, because she is shrugging my arm off. Maybe it was being too forward of a motion. But then again, I am remembered being told that sometimes American girls play what is called 'hard to get.' I am decided that this is being the case and that I am O.K. with this challenge.

           She is much smaller than me. I am thinking that maybe she is an actress or something because she is so pretty. Her hair is cut short, but is not being too short. She is very styled. She is wearing much makeup and big earrings. She has short legs which are quite a bit stumbling, like she isn't being used to walking at such the fast pace that I am. Her stomach is long and flat. She does not have much breasts, but her butt is like two perfect-shaped bubbles. It is quite the ass. I have decided that this is quite the kind of girl I could have a good time with, but I don't tell her that too soon because mystery is important.

            I joke to her that everyone in America is a movie star. She is not thinking I'm funny. At least I am not thinking so because she does not laugh in response to my joke. I tell her about Romania, where I am being from. I am from bigger city there, but I tell her that I am from a forest. I am thinking she might consider this as romantic and sexy. I never see girls as pretty as you walking in the forest. They never are wanting to have a good time like you I say.

            She is moving further away from me as we get to a street corner and more people join around us. I look at her and am overwhelmed by what I have, an American girl of which to have a good time with. She is closing her eyes, and I am not being sure what she is doing. But I am still being overwhelmed by her beauty. She seems to be all colors at once to me. A rainbow is being reflected in my eyes. So I kiss her and as soon as I do she begins to convulsing. She beats and beats, the colors are everywhere. With each beat she is being smaller and smaller. I close my eyes because I am in terror. The girl is gone when I am daring to open them again. All that is being left in front of me is a dragonfly.

            It flies away.