The Works of Theresa Wyatt 

Theresa Wyatt is a former visual artist and retired teacher whose career spanned a study in Siena, Italy to working within the NY State prison system. Though she often focuses on the "art of narrative medicine," Theresa enjoys writing on many subjects. Her work has recently appeared in the American Journal of Hospice & Palliative Medicine, the Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine, Blood & Thunder, The Healing Muse and Earth's Daughter's, among others.

All Poems ¬© Theresa Wyatt

Trostle Farm at Plum Run
(July 2, 1863, Gettysburg)

The breastworks seemed
to whisper

go lie in this open field
and feel the earth
speak to you

allow the ground
to tell you its story

how stampedes and strife
were often daily

and how
the in between times
accommodated lovers
at the beginning of their thirst,

allow yourself
the curiosity of tall tales
and sad but true testimony

of how this battle
or that battle
changed the course
of history

and how,
as you see it,
lying there in an open field,

how drops of ruby blood,
invisible to sight or touch,

have mingled into blooms