The Works of Tim J Brennan 

Tim J Brennan's poetry can be found in many nice places, including Talking StickThe LakeBitchin' Kitsch, and Unshod Quills. Brennan's one act plays have been produced widely, including his latest: Hear Me Now, winner of Heartland Theatre's New Plays from the Heartland Festival (Bloomington IL).  

All Poems ¬© Tim J Brennan

After a Funeral


Grieve what your voice says

to grieve; a cold language

speaks until you are humbled


Beneath its wetness

you might live

another hundred years

After I Die


No need to bury me

after I die; just lay me

in the weeds, face up

so I can look at the stars


as I try to remember

what the hell I did to get

to such a place so far

from home