The Works of William Ricci

Bill has been writing poetry for over 20-years, and recently began travel essays and prose. Recent publications include: a poem titled “A Visit” at Whistling Shade and an article titled “Alaska: Experience and Open Doors” at The Loft.  Poetical influences include: D. Nurkse, Nick Flynn, John Haines, William Blake, Samuel Tyler Coleridge, and Arthur Rimbaud. 

All Poems © William Ricci

In Memory of Arthur Rimbaud

In the morning light across
the bay through the
tree tunnel of pine,
I see each sparkle,
I see each breath,
I see each leaf overturning,
each leaf let go of the vine,
detaching in one smooth
ripple, letting gravity and
radiant breeze guide it’s path,
giving to fate, where it will