Winner of the 2013 Poetry Prize 

Laura LeHew is the author of a collection of poems, two chapbooks, numerous articles and poems in filling Station, Ghost Town, PANKSlice and Spillway among others. She knows nothing of gardens or gardening but is well versed in the cultivation of cats.

3 Days Prior to April Fools Through Friday the 13th-
A Fortnight of Reckoning in the Year of the Dragon
by Laura LeHew

I want not to have reinjured my rotator cuff brooming record breaking snow off trees the first days of spring
I want my fingers not to be numb
I do not want to sleep coffined in pillows
the shroud of blankets angry against my skin
After my sister’s 2nd mammogram I want the technician not to say we’re doing an ultrasound
I want the nurse not to come in and say the doctor will see you now
I want the doctor not to say … biopsy …
I don’t want to explain to my sister that she might have cancer
I want my sister not to say ok that sounds fine
I want the scheduling nurse not to say 2 weeks should probably be ok
I want her primary doctor not to have called that very day
not to have checked to see if we were happy with the progress
I want no more bad news
no more friends with heart attacks, strokes, bad divorces, dead dogs
prostate cancer, mothers hospitalized with pneumonia
no more posthumous emails no
I want all of my phones to stop ringing
I want it all to be lies